The Little Pond

Lovely Northern Michigan

Amidst the rolling hills and farmland at Gallagher Farms, lies a quaint and lovely little country pond tucked back amongst maple trees that adds to the aesthetic beauty and rustic glamour of Bay View Weddings. We offer this wonderful and relaxing atmosphere as a natural setting and beautiful backdrop for your special day. You are welcome to use this backdrop and lovely Northern Michigan environment for wedding photos, relaxing with your bridal party before the ceremony of your dreams, or even enjoying your special day by fishing with your closest friends to create unforgettable one-of-a-kind wedding memories that will last a lifetime. If your heart leads you to seek a beautiful First Look that is small and sweet, you are welcome to share your unforgettable moment with the one you love most as the water gently rolls in while a soft breeze moves across the water, providing the perfect setting for a romantic and lovely first moment together on your very special day.